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You can use the VGA dongle to project plays while planning for the overall game then make iPad in the market to the sector to complete the blueprint. You can snap photos and take video while using the built-in cameras to examine how the team performed during practice or game time. If you coach an outside sport, you should buy waterproof iPad case in order to avoid having your iPad damaged by rain, mud, and dust. These are light-weight sleeves that you slide your iPad into that keep it safe from the elements. A waterproof iPad case usually seals via heavy duty rubber zips or cam locks and allows better use in the touchscreen. Two cases that I would recommend will be the DryCASE Tablet Water-Proof Case and Kwik Tek Dry Pak Multi-Purpose Case. Either waterproof iPad case usually supplies the degree of protection you have to survive a downpour during practice or the game. Additionally, the back of the events are evident so that you can have full use in the rear facing iPad camera. The DryCASE Tablet Water-Proof Case is an extremely effective case that has a vacuum seal mechanism allowing that it is waterproof when submerged as much as 100 ft. The vacuum seal also provides very snug fit, which will help you conserve a firm and simple grip about the iPad while pacing the sidelines. This waterproof iPad case also has a waterproof protected 3-way headset jack that allows you to make use of the headphones and microphone. blacharnia szczecin